Complete Natural Health For Your Pet

Most of us take regular dietary supplements to ensure our continued well-being. We realize that prescription and over the counter medications are full of synthetic ingredients that can actually be bad for our health. Those medications address the symptoms of disease and poor health, but they do not address the underlying cause.

In many cases, the cause is a poorly functioning immune system and toxic buildup in the body's organs, particularly in the liver. The liver serves many functions in the human body. One of its major roles is to cleanse the blood. But, if the liver itself is unclean, then it cannot perform that role.


You and I realize the value of taking herbal remedies to support healthy immune system function and to keep the liver functioning properly. We are aware of the role that antioxidants play in preventing age-related diseases. The diet of an animal in the wild would often include these antioxidants and herbs. But, they are mostly lacking in the diets of our dogs and cats.

Our four-footed family members deserve the best care that we can possibly provide for them. While living safely indoors with us protects them, it also limits their capability to take care of their own health, as they would instinctively.

In the wild, they would seek out milk thistle, cat's claw or echinacea when they were feeling unwell. These are not plants that we grow in our backyards. Most people consider them weeds. So, where are our animals to find these natural cures for what ails them?

Luckily, there are some supplement companies that realize the importance of our cats and dogs. They make dietary supplements for humans, as well. They follow the same safe manufacturing practices for pet supplements that they do for people products. The supplements are meant to make up for some of the short-comings in the diets of our animal friends.

C-Caps, by Native Remedies, are among the best dietary supplements on the market. They were created specifically for dogs and cats. They contain no artificial ingredients and none of the artificial colors that are present in many pet foods and even in the nutritional supplements sold by major corporations.

What can C-Caps do for cats and dogs?

We have two 10-year-old dogs that have nearly as much energy as puppies. Their coats are shiny and thick. They always get a clean bill of health at their check-ups.

One of them, a keeshond, had chronic stomach problems (vomiting and diarrhea) for over 5 years that the vets had no solution for. We were feeding the highest quality dog food and only filtered water, but it took C-Caps to completely cure his stomach ailments. He hasn't had a flare up for nearly two years.

Other pet parents started giving C-Caps to their animals after hearing what none of us wants to hear. Native Remedies does not guarantee that their product is a cure for cancer or other life threatening diseases, because that would go against FDA regulations. But, if you read some of the heartwarming testimonials, you'll see what natural remedies can do. Animals that have been given just a few months to live are not only living, but thriving for months and even years longer than the vets originally expected.

What ingredients are included in C-Caps?

Astragalus - an ancient herbal remedy, which is receiving a great deal of attention, because of its possible use to treat cancer and extend the life-spans of humans. It has been used in the past to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, increase vitality and improve appetite.

Mistletoe - a highly nutritious plant that animals would naturally eat in the wild. It is a popular herbal remedy in Europe, where it is used to treat circulatory problems, respiratory problems and cancer.

Echinacea - a well-known plant that supports normal blood pressure and stimulates the immune system.

Indian ginseng - a tonic herb that supports growth, strengthens the immune system and nourishes the blood.

Milk Thistle - used as a liver tonic for thousands of years. It has been recommended for cirrhosis, jaundice and hepatitis. Modern research has found that the plant contains a compound called silymarin, which is responsible for its beneficial effects.

Cat's Claw - another plant that supports and maintains the immune system.

Remember that these ingredients do not suppress symptoms. They treat the causes of the symptoms. They support the body's ability to fight disease. Humans and other animals have excellent systems in place for fighting disease. It's just that all of the chemicals and other toxins that we are exposed to in modern times have damaged our bodies' ability to do that.

Toxins build up in the liver, bladder and kidneys. They contribute to the formation of cancerous growths by damaging DNA strands. Antioxidants have the ability to repair DNA strands. Researchers have seen that Astragalus actually activates cellular DNA, allowing it to repair itself. Is it a miracle cure? Some vets have said so.

Losing a family pet is devastating. They are members of our families. When they pass, we always wonder if there was something more that could have been done. Many people try C-Caps out of desperation, thinking that it can't hurt.

Whether your animals are well and healthy or suffering from chronic health problems, C-Caps are a good investment. Order some today. I'm sure that you'll be pleased with the results.